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753 Front Street Suite 731 Soledad, CA
Arnesen Chiropractic

222 E San Antonio Drive King City, 93930
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A properly functioning nervous system allows the entire body to function at it's optimum level. Interference to the nervous system causes malfunctions in the body. When a bone is out of place it is called a Subluxation.

Signs and Symtoms of Subluxation

Some symptoms are headache, dizziness, neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, cold hands, cold feet, asthma (breathing difficulties), arm and leg pain, sciatica, and poor circulation.

Causes of Subluxation

There are many factors that cause bones to go out of place. Trauma from car accidents (whip-lash), improper lifting, falls, jolts, sprains and strains, poor posture, repetitive motions, inadequate sleep, poor diet, improper exercise, emotional stress and drug side effects are all factors that can lead to subluxations.
The nervous system can be negatively affected if proper spinal alignment is altered even slightly between one spinal bone (or vertebra) and another. The area where the spinal nerves exit the spine can become narrowed causing pressure, irritation, or stretching of the nerve. Research has shown that very slight pressure can alter the function of the nerve.   Normal Spinal Alignment

  In addition, when a vertebra loses its normal position it also loses its ability to move properly. An improperly moving vertebra has been shown to alter spinal reflexes. Spinal reflexes are a means for the body to relay messages from the brain to the body and vice versa.

The Big Idea

To remove the interference of the bone (or bones) on your nervous system. The longer a subluxation goes undetected and uncorrected, the worse the affects will be on your health and it will be more difficult to correct. Therefore, it is important to have periodic Chiropractic check-ups. The philosophy of Chiropractic is to remove subluxations that hinder normal bodily functions.

Innate Intelligence

Of all the wonders of nature perhaps the most amazing is Life. We all begin as on tiny cell which divides and divides to eventually form the trillions of cells of our body.  From one type of cell comes nerve, bone, muscle, skin, blood, organs and on it goes.  Once these trillions of cells are formed they somehow know how to function in harmony to allow for a healthy you to exist.  There is in everyone an ability outside our conscious control that regulates the millions of functions occuring simultaneously within our bodies. Chiropractors call this Innate Intelligence. Innate Intelligence makes our heart beat, stomach digest food, cells replenish themselves and immune system fight off foreign invaders.  Innate Intelligence has been bestowed to give the body means of healing itself and maintaining health.

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Remember, As the twig grows, so grows the tree.

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Arnesen Chiropractic
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